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A floor consists of several components. There are of course the floor joists, but also the beams, the rim boards, the low walls & the hangers.

The team of qualified contractors at Structures Première has all the know-how necessary to offer you personalized and sustainable solutions for floor structures in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

The floor joists are the principal supports of the floor, installed every 16" C/C (Center/Center), they will make the major part of the floor structure.

The beams, they are used in the majority of the cases, to divide the spans that are too long. Let say a 30' X 40' house, instead of putting floor joists of 30' span which will be more expensive because of their height, a beam is installed at half span, with steel posts to support it. That causes a decrease in the span of the floor joists to 15', therefore to be able to use floor joists with less height and thus to reduce the overall costs.

The rim boards are used to close the perimeter of the floor. We only use them to close the side of the floor perpendicular to the floor joists. The rim boards also help to transfer the loads from the walls, to the foundations. In the direction of the floor joists, at the perimeter, we use low walls.

The low walls are used to transfer the loads from the walls, to the foundations. The floor joists are not designed to be compressed, so we use a low wall in the place of the floor joist above the foundation on the perimeter.

The hangers are used to retain all the components together, in a coherent and uniform element.

A detailed assembly drawing is provided with each floor structure.

We offer three types of floor joists. All have an open web structure. The principal advantage of an open web joist is its open structure making it possible to pass mechanical, plumbing and electrical components without affecting the uniformity of the joist.

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